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Tampa Bays highest Rated Pressure Washing Service Since 2005

5 Star Google Rating - 5 Star Yelp! Rating - A+ BBB Rating

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning is offered for ALL roof types and is done with very low pressure. (less then 60psi) No more than your garden hose. We apply a detergent to kill all of the organic material growing on your roof and then safely rinse it away.

Hydro-Tech Outdoors specializes in low-pressure roof cleaning. This is particularly appropriate for ALL types of roofing, which can be compromised or damaged by high-pressure washing. We strongly recommend low-pressure cleaning for tile roofs and for shingles. High-pressure washing certainly gets these roofs clean, but high pressure can cause damage. The consequences of loosened shingles or damaged tiles can be serious.

In Florida’s hot and humid weather, tile and shingles can quickly develop unsightly stains. These can come from pollen blown onto roof surfaces, but it can also come from a variety of other sources. A black or very dark stain is probably algae. Stains can also indicate mold or mildew. Mosses and lichen can begin to infest roofs. Unsightly stains are not the only problem. Over time, mosses and lichens can actually damage shingles and compromise the integrity of a roof. Stains, debris, and dirt can affect the curb appeal of a roof, lessening the value of the whole residence. A clean and fresh looking roof makes the whole residence more appealing to view, and even to live in.

Hydro-Tech’s low-pressure roof cleaning eliminates these stubborn stains. We are certified in soft washing (another term for low-pressure washing), and we are highly experienced in the method. It requires special equipment that we are carefully trained to use. We use an environmentally safe detergent to kill the organic elements, and then safely rinse away the detergent (when needed). We do not use products that are environmentally unsafe. Some products can actually damage shingles, and pollute storm drains

Tile Roofs – Shingle Roofs – Gutter Cleaning

If your roof needs cleaning and you have tile or shingles, this is the best method for your residence. Please give Hydro-Tech Pressure Washing a call. We offer free estimates.

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Here is an example of our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning... <60psi

Here are 3 more reason why we are the best at what we do

Sue Lorenzo From St. Pete Says:

We love our new outdoor kitchen. Now we are saving up to add a fireplace. Jeff (owner) was very knowledgeable about the whole process and was able to design a beautiful outdoor kitchen with our budget. Thank you for your hard work.

Walt T. From Lutz Says:

Jeff is very easy to work with. Made inquire over the weekend and Jeff called first thing Monday. Showed up Wednesday, cleaned roof, house and drive way and did a great job! Price seems fair to me. Went to work and came home to a clean house.

Em W. From Ruskin Says:

This is a double review: first I used hydro tech to clean my roof and house. I was very satisfied and allowed them to install all new landscape lighting. It looks so nice at night when they come. Thank you so much. 5 star service.

Call us now to schedule your cleaning- (727) 388-9099