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Tampa Bays highest Rated Pressure Washing Service Since 2005

5 Star Google Rating - 5 Star Yelp! Rating - A+ BBB Rating

Commercial & Residential Services

Roof Cleaning

    Roof Cleaning is offered for ALL roof types and is done with very low pressure. (less then 60psi) No more than your garden hose. We apply a detergent to kill all of the organic material growing on your roof and then safely rinse it away.

     Hydro-Tech specializes in low-pressure roof cleaning. This is particularly appropriate for ALL types of roofing, which can be compromised or damaged by high-pressure washing. We strongly recommend low-pressure cleaning for tile roofs and for shingles. High-pressure washing certainly gets these roofs clean, but high pressure can cause damage. The consequences of loosened shingles or damaged tiles can be serious.

    In Florida’s hot and humid weather, tile and shingles can quickly develop unsightly stains. These can come from pollen blown onto roof surfaces, but it can also come from a variety of other sources. A black or very dark stain is probably algae. Stains can also indicate mold or mildew. Mosses and lichen can begin to infest roofs. Unsightly stains are not the only problem. Over time, mosses and lichens can actually damage shingles and compromise the integrity of a roof. Stains, debris, and dirt can affect the curb appeal of a roof, lessening the value of the whole residence. A clean and fresh looking roof makes the whole residence more appealing to view, and even to live in.

    Hydro-Tech’s low-pressure roof cleaning eliminates these stubborn stains. We are certified in soft washing (another term for low-pressure washing), and we are highly experienced in the method. It requires special equipment that we are carefully trained to use. We use an environmentally safe detergent to kill the organic elements, and then safely rinse away the detergent (when needed).

House Washing

    Houses in Florida get dirty. That’s just the way it is in a humid and hot climate. Wind-carried pollen can stick on the roof or side of a house. Windows build up grime from dust and debris. Algae can coat the sides of a house. Grime from pollution and smoke can dull the color of paint and siding. A grimy looking house can lose value because it loses curb appeal, and it can make neighbors concerned.

A residence can quickly develop outside patches of algae and mildew. Dust and grime can accumulate around windows, rainstorms can leave residue from pollution, and insects and birds can contribute debris. 

    If cleaning is delayed, these can become persistent problems that are more difficult to remove.

Hydro-Tech Outdoors has a complete range of house washing services. Our specialty is low pressure house washing. This is particularly appropriate for residences with siding, such as aluminum siding, and for homes with outside surfacing of brick, stucco or wood. High pressure washing can damage siding, affect grouting in bricks and sometimes loosen areas of siding.

    Our safe pressure system uses a double application of biodegradable cleaning agents and a double fresh water rinse. This results in a clean, fresh-looking residence and does not damage plants or lawns, and does not contaminate water. It’s an effective and environmentally safe method. 

Hydro-Tech Outdoors recommends periodic house washing. We have affordable plans that will keep your house looking fresh.

Surface Cleaning

    We clean all types of exterior surfaces. We only use top of the line equipment to ensure the job is done right. We never cut corners and our reviews show it. You can be assured Hydro Tech can safely clean any surface with expert results.

Driveways - Sidewalks - Garage Floors - Sea Walls - Pool Decks - Pavers - And Much More...

Soft Washing

    Soft washing is another cleaning method used in more cases then traditional pressure washing. The process of soft washing is just like it sounds, a low pressure and highly effective cleaning method. Soft washing uses detergents to clean and a high flow of low pressure water to rinse everything clean. Different detergent strengths are use for different applications including but not limited too: Roofs, ALL Buildings, Concrete Pavers, Vinyl and Wood Fencing, Brick, Stucco and nearly any other surface.

Solar Panel Cleaning

    Solar panels require cleaning to keep them at their optimum performance. This is not something as simple as spraying them with a hose. Panels have to be washed using a soft brush soap and water to achieve their maximum performance. We clean solar panels properly allowing for you to get the most out of your solar set up.

Paver Sealing

    We offer professional paver restoration and sealing services. Sealing your pavers is a  sure way to protect them from staining and erosion all while enhancing the color and even adding a shine to them if that is what you desire. You can not have just anyone seal your pavers. If not done properly it can create a mess that has to be removed prior to properly sealing them and in the end wastes a lot of money. You can count on Hydro-Tech to do the job right the first time- EVERYTIME. Call us today for a professional written estimate on your project- (727) 388-9099

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