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House Washing

Houses in Florida get dirty. That’s just the way it is in a humid and hot climate. Wind-carried pollen can stick on the roof or side of a house. Windows build up grime from dust and debris. Algae can coat the sides of a house. Grime from pollution and smoke can dull the color of paint and siding. A grimy looking house can lose value because it loses curb appeal, and it can make neighbors concerned.

A residence can quickly develop outside patches of algae and mildew from dripping window air conditioners and other sources. Dust and grime can accumulate around windows, rainstorms can leave residue from pollution, and insects and birds can contribute debris. If cleaning is delayed, these can become persistent problems that are more difficult to remove.

Hydro-Tech Outdoors has a complete range of house washing services. Our specialty is low pressure house washing. This is particularly appropriate for residences with siding, such as aluminum siding, and for homes with outside surfacing of brick, stucco or wood. High pressure washing can damage siding, affect grouting in bricks and sometimes loosen areas of siding.

Our safe pressure system uses a double application of biodegradable cleaning agents and a double fresh water rinse. This results in a clean, fresh-looking residence and does not damage plants or lawns, and does not contaminate water. It’s an effective and environmentally safe method. Our employees are experienced in this method, and are carefully trained in using the specialized equipment it requires.

We wash other areas as well, using the same safe methods. We wash pool decks, drives, pavers and walkways.

Hydro-Tech Outdoors recommends periodic house washing. We have affordable plans that will keep your house looking fresh. Please call us with any questions you may have about this proven technique for washing your home. We offer free estimates.

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Tom H. From Tampa Says:

Jeff has always done an outstanding job caring for my property as if it were his own. He continues to go above and beyond every time he is out. Highly recommend him and his services.

Suzy K. From Gulfport Says:

I schedule annual cleanings and the house never looks run down. 5 stars

Max B. From Largo Says:

They did a fabulous rush job for me! Highly Recommend Jeff and his crew. He was referred to me by a friend and I would surely recommend him to others.