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Drainage Solutions 

Hydro Tech is the leading drain design and installation company in the area. We design and install all types of drains helping to rid your property of damaging standing water which can help with mosquitoes as well. We design and install drains that are built to last and always come with a 100% guarantee to work and are backed by a 3 year craftsmanship warranty. Drains do not have to be ugly. A well designed drain can be aesthetically beautiful or nearly invisible. Its completely up to what your looking for. Call us today to schedule a free estimate to fix your water drainage issues. If you are getting gutters on your house and would like to have them hooked up to drain in to the ground- we can do that for you as well. 

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Gravity Drains

While most drains work with gravity, a gravity drain also uses gravity to collect the water and divert it through an underground pipe and to an area where the water can safely flow off of the property. These type of systems are very common and last a long time when installed correctly.

Channel Drains

Commonly found on pool decks are channel drains and they are normally undersized, clogged and simply not flowing as they should. We can remove the old small drains and install properly sized heavy duty channel drains that will never back up and are easily cleaned out when needed.

Downspout Systems

If your tired of your downspouts washing out areas or simply not getting the water away from the house, A completed down spout system can solve this problem by connecting all of your downs spouts to an underground drain transferring the rain water to the street

French Drains

A french drain is a commonly used term but only covers a specific type of drain. A french drain is a drain in which the collected water runs into and underground pipe that is perforated and allows for the water to seep in to the soil. This type of drain has limited applications but can be very effective in the right conditions.

Multi-Drain Systems

It is not un common to use 2, 3 or even 4 different drain types on one property. Every property is different and every system is designed for your specific property and needs. The correct drain will make all of the difference.

Pump Systems

In cases where gravity is against us, We can still achieve a great drain system using a sump pump.  In this drain, water is collected in a large underground basin where an automated pump with a float switch comes on when the water level rises to pump water out through underground piping and the pump shuts off when the water level is to low.